Weatherproof LED Panel Lights

Color Rendering Index (CRI) = 92

Color temperature = 5200 Kelvin (daylight)

1280 Watts

Edison plug – 120 VAC or adaptable to 220 VAC

DMX Addressable – Flicker-free dimming

4 adjustable light bars – can be aimed & dimmed independently

Waterproof (IP66)

Mount Options: Junior Pin or Mount Bar with 2 mega claws

Remote ballast can operate 130’ from light head with only 1 head feeder cable

Versatile for ANYWHERE light is needed: Emergency Relief, Construction, Golf Courses, Outside/Inside Events, Concerts, and many more!


Site Lights from Filmwerks International on Vimeo.


ropakMounting gear LED panel lights

Light Table and Readings

Readings Light Table and Reading